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Hologram Embossing Machine

HOLOGRAM EMBOSSING MACHINE complete with unwinding of polyester Film with tension control mechanical brake, idler roller heavy duty frame for easy Load or unload the polyester film roll, all idler rollers are dynamically balanced M.S. with grinding and chroming mirror finish. Main embossing roller shim mounting roll, specially designed with heating system driven with 2 H.P.AC variable drive and impression roller are also specially designed and mirror finishing. Setting of embossing from one print to another with latest design and as micro setting with turning a knob. All gears are hard and ground, four pneumatic cylinders to impression on film to emboss the shim image in micro pressure setting and in engage or disengaged by turning a button complete with pressure control. Indicator, solonoite valve, gauge meters (analog) air and oil filter (all Pneumatic accessories standard company make) in-let, outlet etc., heating roller (one embossing and impression) are controlled and all other standard accessories.

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